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Gator Gal: The True Story of Emily Stuckerbear (2016)

Gator Gal is a famous legend in the Southern US*, a woman raised by gators who journeys across the war-recovering states to find her beau. What most people don't know is that Gator Gal did exist, as a 12-year old named Emily Stuckerbear, looking for her sister who had disguised herself as a man to join the army.

Inspired by adventure comic strips from the 30s-50s, American Girl and the general process of history research, these Gator Gal pages were created as part of a pitch for the webcomics collective Hiveworks in 2016. While ultimately rejected, it was a learning experience that helped me better flesh out the idea, and I still hope to make future comics with this idea.

*Disclaimer: Gator Gal is a fictional legend made up for the purposes of this comic. The only Gator Gal I know of in real life is a doll's head glued onto a plastic gator.