About the Artist

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Katya Granger


Katya Granger is a Florida-based cartoonist and illustrator who primarily works with digital media and software, including Adobe Photoshop. She studied at RCAD and majored in Illustration. She is noted for her kid-friendly artwork, strong character expressions, and cute girl designs.

She has done freelance illustrations for clients such as Edible Baja Arizona and UnderDog CA. She has self published her own comics and exhibited at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) with the artist collective The Secret Shop. She is currently working on her webcomic Hana and the Firebird, which has been updating in regular intervals since 2015.

Katya's hobbies include traveling, history about daily lives and pop culture in the past, dolls, nostalgic media regardless if its her nostalgia or not, reading comics from around the world, thinking over the different facets of lonliness, and playing Nintendo video games.

If you would like to support her content, you can toss a dollar her way at her Ko-fi page.

You can contact her at kgrangerillustration@gmail.com