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How to Fall in Love (Crush: First Love, New Talent), 2019

I wrote and drew a 10-page comic titled ‘How to Fall in Love’ for the Stacked Deck Press anthology Crush: First Love, New Talent. The comic is an autobiography about my own experience with crushes and how it’s less the ‘instant crush’ that tends to appear in media and more of a series of experiences that gradually build up on one another.

The comic was completed in March 2019, but the anthology was not able to meet it’s Kickstarter funding goals and is currently undoing preparations for a second attempt at fundraising.

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The Secret Keeper (The Secret Shop Vol 1: What is the Secret Shop?), 2018

There is a mysterious traveling shopkeep who will always have exactly what you're looking for. The price? Tell her a secret.

The Secret Keeper is a short 7-page story created for the first Secret Shop anthology project 'What is the Secret Shop?', which debued at TCAF 2018.

A digital PDF of this comic can be purchased online via my